Release Notes


  • Fix to the RDM generation in the MicrosoftQSharpParametericSolver.


  • DMETProblemDecomposition can now use a different ElectronicStructureSolver for each fragment. See the documentation or examples for more details.

  • Added integration for IBM Qiskit as a new ParametricQuantumSolver.

  • Moved the handling of initial parameters for VQE out of the vqe module into the concrete implementations of the ParametricQuantumSolver interface. The interface now requires that a default_initial_var_parameters function be implemented for each concrete implementation.

  • The initial_amplitude_function functional argument of the VQESolver has been removed. The solver will use the default_initial_var_parameters function of the hardware backend if the initial_var_parameters are not specified. The only way to specify custom values for the intial variational parameters is through the initial_var_parameters attribute.

  • ParametricQuantumSolver objects constructors now take an optional dictionary mapping strings to values. This can be passed from the VQE caller to further configure the hardware backend.

  • Added RigettiParametricSolver to provide an integration with the Rigetti stack.